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Ideal 4000

PVC systems
aluplast pvc

70mm profile, more light, more luxurious feel, harmonious shapes.


IDEAL 4000 Aluplast system combines innovative window technology and pleasurable living.

Round-line | No corners with rounded sides

In the design of the facade there are no limits on personal taste and creativity. The round design is in harmony to the image of modern architectural constructions. With Round-line you select innovative window technology in the most beautiful version.

Insulation | conscious energy saving

Aluplast systems have excellent thermal insulation characteristics and ensure a pleasant indoor atmosphere. With 3 to 6 chambers, rubber around sash and a depth of 70 mm, the series Aluplast IDEAL 4000 offers excellent thermal insulation properties, being a series that fulfills the requirements of tomorrow.

Safety | the system IDEAL 4000

Construction frames that prevent burglary and give you greater security.

Soundproofing | the ultimate relaxation

Noise is unpleasant and has a negative effect on the human body. With Aluplast synthetic systems the best insulating effect on the cross section of the frame is guaranteed.

The advantages of IDEAL 4000 series summary

As one of the first companies manufacturing synthetic profiles, Aluplast recognized the need for better insulation and created the top quality series IDEAL 4000. There is no compromise both externally and to technical characteristics. Aluplast sets new bases in modern design and durability. The synthetic profile guarantees the maximum for both commercial buildings and private homes.

  • thermal insulation value of the standard combinations Uf = 1.3 W/m²K
  • glazing thickness up to 41 mm
  • outstanding sound insulation up to sound transmission class IV (45 dB)
  • double design variety in the sash (recessed | semi-recessed)
  • different profile shapes for an individual design
  • design glazing bead for the inside
  • concealed drainage is possible
  • 5-chamber profile in the standard combination
  • circumferential backstop gasket in the frame and sash
  • special security hardware guarantees the highest level of burglary protection.
  • backstop gasket system available in countless decor finishes