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Ideal 7000

PVC systems
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A warm and cozy atmosphere.


IDEAL 7000 series is the result of hard work and evolution of the very successful series IDEAL 4000. With depth of 80mm, the series provides a state-of-the-art window technology and ultimate comfort to everyday life. The frames of the series are designed to soft line and provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, refined aesthetics and uniqueness of space.

The first- class quality and technology of the multi-chamber profile provide excellent insulation. This not only reduces the costs of heating and cooling, but also give a great feeling of warmth.

Security | a good decision

Maximum security against burglary with IDEAL 7000 from Aluplast. The high quality material composition provides first class security - with confidence.

Light | care for well-being

Capture the daylight and illuminate the interiors of your house - Improve quality residential light and sun.

Soundproofing | functionality and design

Along with its harmonious aspect, the system IDEAL 7000 exhibits excellent insulation values ​​- for grand living.

The features of IDEAL 7000 briefly

  • 80mm depth of construction
  • Thermal characteristics of profile Uf-Wert = 1,3 W/m²K 
  • Glazing thickness up to 43mm
  • Sound insulation up to 46 dB (up to class IV)
  • Soft-line appearance in frame and sash
  • Possibility of hidden drainage. 6-chamber profile.
  • With two rubbers in system Anschlagdichtung.

With frames series IDEAL 7000, Aluplast accepts no compromises and retreats to both technical and aesthetic level. This new model appropriates the positive characteristics of IDEAL 4000 and the proven series IDEAL 6000, without further increasing the depth of installation.