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Alumil Certifications
Energy sliding aluminium systems

A non thermal break system for sliding constructions with special appearance thanks to the unique design of the profiles (elliptical shape).

  • Sash width 45 mm.
  • Stainless steel rail for minimizing the friction between frames and sashes, offering smooth and easy scrolling of the sashes.
  • All potential typologies of sliding systems can be implemented.
  • Α unique characteristic of this system is the use of a totally concealed stainless steel rail in the floor.
  • The shape of the rails facilitates the waters’ drainage.
  • Glazing can be installed after completing the sashes construction.
Technical Specifications: 
Technical characteristics
Sash width 45 mm
Frame height (rail) 41 mm
Sash height 83 mm
Sash mechanism weight limit 130 kg
Glass thickness 32 mm