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Windows Eco Lux 78

Wood systems
Technical Specifications: 
Technical Specifications

ECO LUX 78 Frame

  • ECO LUX 78 profile 
  • three or four layer glued wood on thickness
  • outer layer of wood - solid  
  • dimensions: width 78 mm x 81 mm,
  • cutter for exterior and interior window sills

ECO LUX 78 Sash

  • glued laminated wood -81


  • fixed or movable


R - casement
U - tilt
UR- tilt and turn
  • envelope ROTO „NT” strengthen
  • burglar proof function „WK- 0” (2 burglar proof points),
  • microventilation, 
  • handle block  
  • casings ROTO on the hinges, in handle color


  • window handle HOPPE, Tokyo model, color F4, F1, white


  • acrylic paints GORI, according to Gebauer palette
  • lazurite with visible wood structure
  • Ral color - white 9003

Fillings, glass

Max package 38

  •  4/16/4 package with a coefficient of U= 1,0 W/(m²·K)
  • 2 warm Swisspacer frames in the package

Drip cap

Frame drip and wing drip

  • aluminum thermodrip Gutman  
  • opaque plugs with thermo drip finishings made from elastic rubber mass in white   color, dark brown, olive, silver,
  • wing drip in white color, dark brown, olive, silver     


dimensions of the sash


  • fixed glazing 1800 mm x 2500 mm,
  • tilt and turn sash 1400 mm x 1700 mm,
  • tilt sash 1800 mm x 900 mm,
  • casement balcony doors, tilt and turn balcony doors 1100 mm x 2500 mm,



  • grooving gasket  TPE – white and dark brown color  
  • sealing gasket
  • thermo drip gasket( butt with the wing )


  • neutral silicone, sealing dap wooden sash, white colorless teak,
  • palisander-fixed to the color of the woodwork,
  • for RAL color, colorless silicone

Additional information:

Recommended glass package 4LE/12AR/4FL/12AR/4LE   

  • balcony windows and patio windows with lower aluminum threshold do not fulfill the thermal use for Energy efficient windows and do not obtain the low coefficient of insulating power
  • examination of type was made only for single sash windows
  • 78 ECO- LUX  windows, seals are standard-unsealed on whole window circuit without additional ventilation interspaces
  • maximal width and height restrictions apply to the windows with glass package that cross the capacity of hardware in an individual window in glass double chamber packages we do not use internal muntin bars and glued Vienna type